Duo Bossalero - Música Latina

Marjorie Jiménez, Voice (Dominikanische Republik)
Jean-Peter Braun, Guitar

These musicians share a passion for Spanish and Latin American music.
In the person of Marjorie Jimenéz, Jean-Peter Braun has found a congenial partner to complement his love for the South American and Latin American guitar styles and techniques. Marjorie comes from a family of Dominican musicians who have imparted to her the necessary sensibility for the melange of music directions found in her home country. In the simple combination of voice and guitar, the two musicians interpret world hits as well as less well known cantelenas, boleros or bossa novas from Argentina, Brazil, Spain and the Carribean. An acoustic, intimate listening experience for the pampered ear.

Duo Nuages - Swing und Gypsy Jazz

These skilled musicians, Martin Landzettel (violin) and Jean-Peter Braun (guitar) are united in a singular passion for Gypsy Jazz of the 1930s. This is especially true of the music of the legendary Hot Club du France, and the marked influence upon this venue by the jazz legends Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli. Landzettel and Braun have encountered enthusiastic audiences whenever performing this music live. This genre is a new experience for many and its performance is a rarity in today's music scene.

The Art of the Duo - Brazilian Guitar

Two Guitarists, Jean-Peter Braun and Dieter Kociemba, each from a different musical background, together mastering two similar musical styles - Latin and Jazz - have united to create a tropically warm sound which remains, despite its virtuosity, highly entertaining.

Guitarra à la Carte

Jean-Peter Braun offers tasteful, sophisticated entertainment on his guitar: latin standards, jazz ballads and interpretations of South American classical music, providing a classy ambience for parties or company fetes.

Jahns und Braun – Chansons and Love Songs

Caroline Jahns, Voice
Jean-Peter Braun, Guitar

The two musicians have been working together since the summer of 2008. During this period, they discovered a common fondness for the love song, which in all its facets, guides their musical programme.
Above and beyond these themes, the musicians have set every day themes to music, always to be taken with a grain of salt, naturally.
The duo utilizes the timeless style elements of latin, swing/jazz, folk or fabricates musical quotations of classics. Listening, one encounters down to earth poetry and finely ironic or inspiring lyrics in their music. Such as it is, a programme that sways between expectation and reality. In every case fine entertainment.

The Erotic Grotesque - A Musical Reading

Doris Lerche, Texts
Jean-Peter Braun, Guitar
Martin Landzettel, Violin

Good reasons for a woman to sleep with two men.
Sex & satire with Gypsy Jazz